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Bookkeeping Platform Recommendations

We understand many of the people who we’re in contact with are starting new businesses which means deciding which 3rd party services to use. This section is devoted to the vital service of credit card processing and who either we or our clients have had experience with and would recommended to use…or avoid.

For instance initially we chose Wave for our bookkeeping platform, because we had read it was easy to use. However ,within just a couple months it became clear that the platform was just not robust enough. This caused us to have to transfer our entire accounting system away from Wave, which is not a small undertaking. Were we to make that initial decision again, we would have gone with a different bookkeeping platform from the beginning. While Wave may work for some micro-startups, we cannot recommend it. It’s your money — and the tax man — we’re talking about here. Decent accounting platforms are just not expensive enough to prevent you from using one. Below are some we or our clients would recommend.

Placeholder for bookkeeping platforms recommendations (descriptions of and affiliate links to: Freshbooks, Zoho, ZarMoney, at al).