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About Us


While we opened for business in 2006 as a website design and development company, over time Something Smart evolved into a broad-based provider of marketing materials, services, and strategies, specializing in small to mid-sized businesses as they initially begin operations or open new locations.

Our biggest increases in size and scope have come during the toughest times, as we expanded our skills and service offerings to fulfill the needs our clients were struggling to have met. Since we have both started at modest size and subsequently experienced growth, we understand what it’s like to start small and know what it takes to flourish.

Our Philosophy


To borrow a phrase from engineering, a house will only stand if it has good bones. We’ve found that the same goes for businesses, both structurally and operationally. With that in mind, here are three philosophical pillars on which our business is built:


We believe the best way we can create positive customer experiences, build trust and loyalty, and establish a reputation for providing exceptional services and deliverables comes from focusing on these three primary pillars. Our successes are closely tied to our clients’ successes and their experiences with us. We consider this in everything we do.


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