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Neighborhood Welcome Packs

The foundation for Neighborhood Welcome Marketing is the understanding of the reality people have ingrained personal purchasing patterns and when people move from one location to another, they establish new purchasing patterns. After all, when a person moves, they don’t continue going to the dry cleaner in their old neighborhood, they find one in their new neighborhood. And once a purchasing pattern is established it tends to continue.

That’s how our brains work, once we decide a product or service satisfies our needs, we tend to stop looking for that product or service and repeatedly go back to the one that initially satisfied us. This is based on three factors:

  1. Cognitive Efficiency: Making a new purchasing decision every time requires cognitive effort. Our brains naturally seek ways to minimize cognitive load and conserve energy. By establishing habits and defaulting to familiar choices, our brains can rely on automatic processing rather than engaging in extensive evaluation and decision-making.

  2. Familiarity Bias: Familiarity creates a sense of comfort and safety. Our brains have a tendency to associate familiarity with positive experiences and reduced risk. We develop a preference for the known because it feels safer and more predictable than venturing into unfamiliar territory. This bias often leads us to stick with familiar products or services, assuming they have served us well in the past.

  3. Emotional Connections: Our brains form emotional connections with certain products or brands. These emotional associations can be powerful influencers of our purchasing decisions. When we have positive emotional experiences tied to a specific product or service, our brains may create a preference for it, leading us to seek it out repeatedly.

And that’s why it’s vital to get your marketing in front of your new neighbors while they are establishing their new purchasing pattern! It’s to both put you in that new pattern AND to keep your competitors OUT of that new pattern.

Now if you’ve ever bought a house you’ll know you’re guaranteed to get two pieces of mail…one from Lowes, and one from Home Depot. You get those because they also know about people establishing new purchasing patterns when they move. And they can afford to. Being the big box stores they are, they have massive marketing budgets and massive data mining budgets. It’s something little guys can’t afford to due on their own. Until now.

Neighborhood Welcome Pack allows smaller businesses to combine their advertising, with Something Smart doing the heavy lifting of the data mining, finding the people moving into the neighborhood you wish to market. It’s affordable to small and medium sized businesses because those massive costs are shared, breaking it down into much smaller, much more inexpensive bits.  

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