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Innovative mindset image for Something SmartCompetition...each of us in business face it. What makes somebody choose one company's products or services over another company's? Why are some companies continually head and shoulders above the rest? If a group of companies all start at the same point with the same set of tools, some will rise up while others will remain behind, why? The answer is simple...innovation. Companies with an innovative mindset have a clear advantage, because they are constantly looking for ways to do things faster, cheaper, and smarter.
We at Something Smart understand this. We understand that if we take a new approach to a process and it makes that process faster, it gives us a couple options...offer the advantage of faster process times or take the time saved with the new approach and use it to improve quality. If we figure out how to offer a cheaper solution to our clients, it allows that client to buy more services from us or use the money saved on some other priority. Either way, the client wins and so do we because our success is tied to the success of our clients. This is why we keep looking for better and smarter ways to do things.
Part of our innovation comes from our diversity of experience. We're able to take things learned in one industry apply them to our technology management and implementations. We can take concepts we've learned from large corporations, tweak them a bit, then use them in a smaller setting making us just as efficient as the big guys while maintaining the small guys' flexibility. Using template systems with packaged open source software engines and making it quickly replicatable; taking email alert and text messaging concepts from one industry and applying them across several others to drive revenue; micro-targeting new businesses for marketing purposes...all of these are innovations that are driving Something Smart's success. We know this and know we must continue to innovate and stay ahead of the pack to keep our head and shoulders above the rest.

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