EVT, Inc Website Reaches #2 on Yahoo/Bing and First Page of Google

Something Smart is happy to announce that the EVT, Inc. website is ranked #2 in the search results of Yahoo and Bing for the search term "perfusion San Antonio" and is on the first page of Google results for the same term as of April 16th, 2012. This is particularly notable since the EVT, Inc. website was released less than 2 weeks prior. Something Smart provided search engine optimized website design to EVT, Inc. and performed early SEO procedures to boost the ranking of evt-pefusion.com.

Michael Kuske, owner of Something Smart said, "We're excited by these results. Search engine optimization is a service offering we are looking closely at as an area of expansion for the company. We feel with our technical expertise, we can offer more than other companies that are currently offering SEO services can. I think this is an excellent proof of concept."



EVT, Inc. Launches New Company Website with Something Smart

EVT, Inc. and Something Smart are proud to announce the launch of EVT's corporate website on April 4th, 2012. Throughout the process, high standards and hard work have proven to deliver an outcome that all parties are proud of. Michael Kuske, owner of Something Smart said, “EVT's experience with their first web developer was not a particularly positive one. I'm very happy that we could step in and turn that experience around in such a complete manner by providing our usual high quality website design services for them.”

Read more about this website launch in the press release at PRLog.


Something Smart Assumes PCI Management Role for 114 Dwelling, Inc.

Something Smart has agreed to take over PCI compliance management for the non-profit corporation One Fourteen Dwelling, Inc.. The corporation's merchant bank requires their website Dwelling114.org to follow PCI policies and procedures.

The owner of Something Smart, Michael Kuske stated: "We know the challenge of complying with the difficult technical rules of the PCI, having successfully passed PCI mandated audits in the past while working for much larger Fortune 100 sized corporations. Understanding how challenging it is for those of us in the technology sector, I can only imagine how it must seem to the small businesses outside the IT industry who are taking credit card transactions online. We're glad to be able to offer this assistance to a client who we consider a good partner, and will be looking at the possibility of adding this type of service soon to our growing set of offerings."



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